Monday, March 23, 2009

The Week in Pictures

Can you all see my blog now without going through the archives?

Rumba Update: NO BABY!!!!! She's going to explode and is really cranky. Randi and I got to watch baby kicking the crap out of mom from the inside.

So as many of you know my friend Randi came to visit over break! We did SOOOOO much! We put a little over 1000 miles on the truck just tooling all over!

This is a rundown of the week in pictures:

Sunday: Randi's arrival and Blanca Wetlands (we also hiked to the top of the Hot Springs to soak at night.

Monday: Worked horses and drove Maggie. Then hiked up to Zapata Falls and took the dogs for a run on the sand dunes. The falls were frozen and both Randi and I had a few spills!

The colt I'm working

The dogs looking out through the hike into the falls

Dogs playing in the creek at the dunes

Tuesday: Skied Wolf Creek and soaked in the local Hooper hot pools

Wednesday: Worked horses again and introduced Maggie to a cart! Randi hopped on a huge old Belgium to warm up for riding later! Took Maggie and Charlie out to the sand dunes for Randi's first horseback ride ever!

Thursday: Skied Monarch Mountain!
Friday: Drove out to Creede and went shopping after driving through the mountains and checking out the old mines! Great clearance sales!

Look what I made Randi buy!

Look what Randi made me buy! I feel like the abominable snowman!

Randi had to go home Saturday and missed out on the cattle drive, but here's a pic of me with a newborn calf that crawled under a semi truck to try and take a nap! She got to ride with me but pee on my leg.

Also - I bought a few replacement chicks for the ones I lost! When I stopped by the feed store the other day they had baby ducks and I couldn't resist...they're so cute and fuzzy!


AJ said...

I can only see your blog through the archive section still.

Rumba is totally waiting until Wednesday so I win the contest! We have that 'pregnant connection,' so she's helping me out:)

randi said...

Ah we had so much fun! I haven't even gotten my pictures off my camera yet. Hopefully tonight. :) Can you e-mail me the ones of you and I, of me, and the ones of the falls that you took up close??

Thanks again for a super fun week!

Oh and I can only see your blog through the archive too. :)

Andrea said...

Well, I started using Firefox to view your blog, and now I can see your blog body but not your side bar, ugh....But I will take what I can get!!

Those ducks are too cute!! It was so good to see all those fabulous pictures! You girls sure did a lot for just one week! It's so pretty there. It was also great to see you up on that colt you are working. We don't ever get to see you up on those horses because you are always riding them!!

That calf picture is cute too! I have never been on a cattle drive.....I would love to.....I dream about it all the time.....I am such a dork!!

I am glad you guys had fun!!

Laura said...

Wow! It looks like you gals had a blast... and I'm totally exhausted just looking at the pictures!