Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Bringing It to You in Doses...

I'm not kidding that it's been overwhelming. I thought I'd give it to y'all in doses leading up to what exactly has my world flipped upside down right now.

1) The MIL is on the rampage. Nate and I let his daughter spend some time over there at Christmas. We figured it was a good move to on our part to show our sincerity in wanting to all get along, and maybe we could have some time alone. All it caused was discourse. We fought...and not just over break, but well into the two weeks following it. When his daughter came back, the sweet little helpful girl that was making strides in our relationship as mother/daughter had turned into a monster as well. Swearing in school, lying, stealing, talking back to teachers, telling Nate and I her chores were, "our job, not hers", telling me she, " didn't have to listen to me"...etc, etc... It makes me have mixed feelings. Those along the lines of: I'm not good enough, screw it she's not my kid, what can I do to make it better, am I doomed to be a lousy mother, I can't stand her...etc... In a nutshell - it sucks.

Turns out there may have been some comments in the MIL's household to her (ya think?). There also was most definitely to both myself and Nate concerning our relationship. I was told that I was being lied to to make me happy. That she tried to warn me. That it never was going to work. Nate was told he never was around anymore. That I was making him a different person. That he should leave me... Nice huh? What was funny is that our response to her was exactly the same: "that's my husband/wife you're talking about! You are supposed to support us as a family!" Does she think we don't communicate with one another or something? Needless to say we have cut her out for awhile to concentrate on us as a family. Things are slowly getting better.

2) A close friend of mine who is privy to personal information, and whom I trust for advice concerning career and life, backstabbed me by disclosing MAJORLY personal information to my boss. It's not that big of a deal (turns out), but she's still mad at me and I don't know what to do to make it better. Yes, I know I should be totally mad at her, and I am to a certain degree, but what I truly am is deeply hurt and saddened that it happened and that she had to have known what position she was putting me in by opening her mouth when she did. It makes me depressed.

3) Because of above situation, I'm having to take on a little more work as a class sponsor. I'm exhausted and my body literally aches. I've had late nights for the last three weeks running and it doesn't help that the snow is finally arriving here which makes things twice as difficult to complete at home.

I know. Whine, whine, whine...

I promise the next post will be a bit happier and exciting. I just needed to get it off my chest.


Melissa said...

Sorry to hear about these problems :( I have a MIL from hell too, but I can't blog about it because she reads my blog. It's hard having to deal with these issues so soon in a marriage. Hang in there! Once she sees how strong you guys are as a couple maybe she'll stop trying to tear you apart....Keep venting; we'll listen :)

Laura said...

Hang in there!!! Sending hugs your way!!

alanna rose said...

Lots of hugs!
Take care of yourself and your family :)

AJ said...

Three words: take. it. easy.

Worry about you and be sure you take extra care of yourself!

And like Melissa said, we're here to listen!

rae rae said...

vent away!!!!!!
hope it helped!!!!