Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What I Covet.

Clothes. Seriously. There are no maternity clothes within 120 miles of where I live. I'm not kidding. There are size L and XL I could purchase, but I'm sorry, it then looks like I'm wearing a tent (or something). I ordered Bella Bands that should be arriving VERY soon to help me out, but I need to get into the city. I like some stuff I've seen online, but I'm so hesitant to order anything until I have idea of what things should fit like. So far I'm liking and Old Navy.

And in actuality, there aren't that many things that seem to be out there for pregnant women. Everything is geared towards the baby. That's all good and whatnot, but this little bugger isn't going to be around for many months yet, and in the meantime I want things for me (what a selfish pain I am eh?)

I've been researching. I'm in love with a few choice items that are either 1) geared towards my complete comfort or 2) my stylish self (and occasionally 3) both).

Item #1 - The Leachco Snoogle Loop Pillow

I love pillows and already sleep cuddled up with a billion of them...but Nate fights me for them and I want my own. I also am a tummy sleeper, and this is getting more and more uncomfortable all the time. I'm finding putting a pillow between my legs at night is way comfortable amd I can still lay in a position that is almost on my tummy, but not quite. What else I love about this pillow is it can be folded in half and used to lean up against with arm rest.

Item #2 (and #3) - Kimono Style Robe. Knee Length with Matching Lounge Pants. Sold at plumprettysugar's shop on

Not only do these look soooooo comfortable, but also look like something I would love to bring with me to use as a receiving gown in the hospital....and lounge around in after the baby is born at home....and lounge around in before the baby is born at home...the list goes on. I also really like the materials this woman uses to make her clothes. They are so light and airy, and the patterns are really beautiful.

Item #4 - Vera Bradley Baby Bag

I love Vera Bradley. The new baby bag rocks. They have a ton of pockets, is lined for easy cleaning, has clips for pacifiers, keys, etc and also include a terry cloth changing pad. I'm a huge fan of all the different patterns and colors used, and once the season changes and new patterns are introduced; sale items ensue!


Stephie said...

Love the baby bag!
Oh maternity clothes, where to start..... I bought stock in tank tops and tee shirts to layer, I got a variety of sizes and wore them all the time. Also get a great pair of jeans, the abnoxious over the belly kind, you think you will hate them, but trust me, they are your best friend by the end of it all. I also loved my lounge outfit, sweats and matching zip up hoodie. I wore it pregnant, at the hospital and for the weeks after I had her. Sweat pants are your friend!

Kara said... and have some great baby geared items that you can get for a great price.

I agree with maternity clothes though. So hard to find. The bag is way cute!! Target also has some cute maternity clothes for great prices :)

AJ said...

There's a line of maternity stuff at Kohls that is by Motherhood Maternity, but not nearly as expensive as Motherhood Maternity store.

But, what I always disliked is that everything is ruffly and flowery. Hello, not all pregnant women are that girly! So I bought a lot of solid colored t-shirts. A lot!

I bought myself new pjs to come home from the hospital in every time. It was really something nice for me to look forward to. I totally recommend it. I bought non-maternity pjs, just in a large than normal size.

I used to be a stomach sleeper, then when I got pregnant with Ava, I became a side with a pillow in between my knees sleeper. That's what I've been ever since. A great body pillow is a total necessity! I want one of those loop pillows, too!

Andrea said...

OMG girl, my computer dies for almost two weeks and I come back to find a bun in the oven, girl!!!! LOL!! Congrats!!!

Okay first, I LOVE that diaper bag. I am a total Vera Bradley freak!!!

And it's okay that you don't feel happy and wonderful. You are prego and moody and sick. Forget everyone else. Don't let them put guilt trips on you. At least you weren't doing crack!!! LOL!!! People need to relax!!

I am so happy for you, and as for that belly you are sporting....girl, I wished I had one just like it, but not with a baby inside, just a belly that looked that tiny!! Dang!!! Skinny girl!