Monday, February 22, 2010

Crazy Gene

I think a crazy gene runs in my husband's family. Really, really, for reals... Let's look at the stats before we got 'hitched': I'm 31, never been married, have no children and have a career. That was a problem for my MIL. I obviously was praying on her poor son. Let me clarify: He never knew what hit 'em!

Now his family (many of whom go to the school I teach at) is spreading the rumor the only reason he married me was because he, "knocked me up." Hmmmmm....interesting. I have three responses to that...but I'm going to give edited, realistic responses instead (there also are three):

1) My custom wedding dress was bought over the summer. If it had been a tighter fit; somebody would have had to sewn me into it. I tried it on in the summer and never put it on again until the day of the wedding.

2) I drank the night before the wedding, before the wedding, after the wedding, at the reception, and after the reception. Wouldn't do that to my baby. I also drank at my reception here in in Colorado. I had conceived by then (a day?) but was completely unaware.

3) I waited 31 years to test my fertility. I, of course, had natural concerns about it seeing as that my mother had trouble conceiving. I wasn't about to test it before the wedding in case there was heartache ensuing, and also...see #1. Duh.

Obviously #3 wasn't an issue as getting pregnant took no effort what so ever. I think Nate looked at me sideways or something.

But seriously? What is their problem? At times it makes me feel ashamed I'm pregnant. What!? Are we in High School still. Oh wait - yes we are. That's what happens when you have no life and married right out of school.

You're brain occasionally gets stuck there. Permanently.

Thanks to all the great ideas last week. Some of those things I'm doing, some I'm planning on, and the rest I'm seriously considering. Erika - I DO need a therapist. Someone needs to take me out of the twilight zone...

I am still wearing my 'normal' cloths, but many with the buttons rubberbanded together. Bella Bands were ordered this morning - along with preggers pops....the nausea is still killing me. Before I go order online, I'm attempting to talk my husband into a trip into Pueblo to at least see, in person, some maternity cloths. I hate sending back online orders.

I'm making list of what I want to get myself in the next 6 months or so. I'm going to be selfish and needy since I don't expect anyone will be throwing a baby shower for me. Afterall, I stole my husband from his mother and entrapped him into marrying me. Shame on me.


heather s. said...

Ugh. I'm sorry you are dealing with this. You and Nate love each other and are going to raise a baby together and the MIL needs to get over it. It sucks that you have any negativity circling you and your pregnancy..shame on them!


JJ said...

Uhg, some people just want to gossip and say nasty things - they feel better about their sad lives by tearing others down. No matter what you say or do, they will always find something to talk about. And while that does suck, you can also look at it as out of your control, and therefore not a problem you need to worry about. Take a deep breath, smile and think of all the joy and wonderful things in your life - you are with a great guy, you guys are having a baby - life is good :)

AJ said...

I agree with JJ, what people say is out of your control, so try not to let it bother you. Plus it sounds like they want a reaction out of you, so not letting it bother you will probably eat at them.

I know that's easier said than done, but try to put the focus on you and Nate and the baby. I used to read to occupy my brain when I would get upset about those types of things. Do you have any baby books? I had What to Expect when you're Expecting, and The Everything Baby book. I read both cover to cover the first two times, and re-read as much as possible the third time. It's good information. There are also a bunch of free parenting magazines out there: American Baby, Baby Talk are free, and Parenting and Parents are both like $1 an issue, but a lot of times you can get them for free when you sign up for other stuff. It's lots of good advice and suggestions and you can use what you like and ignore what you don't!

rae rae said...

Hang in there, babe. :)

Kara said... need to move to a bigger Small town gossip can get soooo annoying. Everyone knows everything and everybody talks about everyone. As mentioned in previous posts, you have no control what people say but you do have control over your response which I think you are handling excellent. Hang in there and try to enjoy the pregnancy and ignore the crazy