Monday, April 19, 2010


This Prom thing is totally consuming all my time. Not like there was a lot extra to begin with, but when I'm not getting home until 8pm or later it does get a little trying. ONE MORE WEEK! What does suck is the dress I ordered still has not arrived and the chick DID NOT track it because it was to my PO box. Hate to tell her you can track to a PO so that isn't an excuse and if I don't get it soon I want my money back. Leaves me up a creek though as I'm not sure I have anything I fit in anymore appropriate for a formal event.

So let's see if you all can get this figured out! I'm not saying what's been guessed now as I don't want to give anything away! I know it doesn't look like much - but when the lights are out (as they should be - lighting is from our own effects) it looks awesome! And yes, that is my husband in the second picture. I made him bring the tools we so desperately needed.

I've noticed it's really hard to get clear pictures under fluorescent lighting (such as in the gym). Any ideas how to fix this when taking pictures? I've messed with all kinds of settings with almost always the same results.

Any more of you hazard to take a guess on the theme? I think it's getting more and more obvious!!!


Stephie said...


AJ said...

I second the Titanic guess!

I don't know how you make it until 8pm with the pregnancy tiredness. THat's longer than I made it, that's for sure!

alanna rose said...

Totally Titanic, but I was really hoping it was "All Nighter" :)

Laura said...

I'm going with Titanic too! Way awesome looking and it isn't even complete!

The Wades said...

Massive amount of work! Man, you guys went all out. I am super impressed with the props.