Tuesday, April 06, 2010

When Time Doesn't Belong to Me Anymore...

Which is a typical problem when you become a teacher, unfortunately.

Easter rocked! Sorry I don't have any pictures, but I kept leaving my camera in places - the truck, Nate's truck, my friends table, etc... I decided that holidays are supposed to be stress-free. If family causes stress then they don't need to celebrate holidays with us. Christmas was horrid. I was basically 'kicked out' of the festivities in my own home when it was invaded by family. I declared 'stress free' holidays only after that.

We went to mass, a Mexican buffet and then a friends house for both children's and adult egg hunts and more food. We were home at a decent time, relaxed, played video games, and just hung out. It was the best family holiday yet!

Which was a good thing - because until April 24th - this is what I'm doing every night and most weekends. Remember when I said Prom has about a $9000 budget? This is why:

Let's see if you can't figure out the theme as it comes together over the next few weeks!

Maybe I'll hold a contest!


AJ said...

Prom looks beautiful so far!

Good for you with the stress free holidays! Now I'm thinking about a Mexican buffet though. Mmmm!

I declared that we were spending Easter at our house this year. JR never told his grandparents that, so they assumed we were coming to their house. They didn't find out differently until his birthday lunch, which was the day before. They weren't thrilled. Not my fault, and I refuse to feel bad. We spent last Easter and Xmas with them, we were having this one at our house with my mom! It felt good!

alanna rose said...

I love stress free holidays. Totally the way to go. My parents came down for Easter and we had a good meal, JJ hunted eggs in the backyard and we went for an Easter stroll.

Perfection :)

I'm thinking "Under the Sea" but I wish the theme was "Star Wars"

Laura said...

Darn it! Alanna took my answer! I'm going with Under the Sea.

The Wades said...

I was going to guess Under the Sea as well. My other idea was Under the Stars. I'm curious now. Just great. ;)