Monday, April 12, 2010


For reals. I feel like a cow. I can't wait for my front to shrink back to normal. And yes I know it only gets worse from here and I have awhile to go. I also keep forgetting things. Last week I left my keys at the post office and couldn't pick them up until this morning because I didn't even realize until Saturday afternoon. I also am suddenly really sick again. I'd rather it be due to pregnancy than what I think it is...the stomach flu. But yet here I am stoic at school making everyone else sick I'm sure. Not the smartest thing, but until I get more sick days for maternity leave I can't afford to miss any more school. I am going to try and get out of prom decorating tonight however. In the meantime, here I am at 20 weeks. Nice flattering pic huh? Yes I'm talking on the cell in my classroom.

This is the dress I ordered for Prom. I really didn't want to get a dress but I figured I could use it again in the future anyway so why not. Obviously it's used. I love ebay. The only thing I'm worried about it that it will be too big. I have two other dresses that are still huge on me. I know I feel huge, but right now I can't imagine how much bigger I'm obviously going to be. I usually wear a Small or Medium so I've ordered everything in Mediums, and they pretty much fall off me. I've been getting by with bella bands and my normal pants and regular tops. There are a few maternity pants with the low bands that work, but all the shirts are huge.
Here's the progression of Prom. We keep getting setbacks. It's lovely. Nobody has guessed the theme yet!

And for those of you who have been wondering what ever happened to the pups we adopted; I found a home for one, and the other has stayed with us. I think I'd like to find her a home to though. Four dogs is a bit much for me and Nate doesn't do anything with them even though he wanted these dogs (why am I not surprised?). This is the runt, Brees. She's very well behaved but a complete puss. She cries if Dixie looks sideways at here and don't be around if she gets pinned down - you'd think someone was killing her it's that bad. When I have her on her own she's great. I had her at decorating all day last week and she just hung out - never a peep. She needs a good home. Any takers?


JJ said...

#1 - You make a cute pregnant lady!
#2 - Those things look like iceburgs, which is leading me to guess Titanic, but that can't be right, can it?
#3 - Brees is a cutie, but i don't think I'm dog ready yet!

Laura said...

You look great! And your girls, well, they are HUGE! Brace yourself for when you milk comes in! :)

The dress you bought is super cute!

I'm guessing an under the stars theme??

Kara said...

Okay, so Laura took the words right from my mouth :) You look AMAZING. The baby boy is definitely growing and I think your "girls" (as Laura put it) are not far I think my "girls" were in full force too. I won't even say how big they got once the milk was a

I suck at figuring out themes, but it is "under the sea" or something like that?

AJ said...

You are adoreable!

That dress is gorgeous too!

I was a small or medium before my pregnancy with Ava and wore mostly that maternity size while pregnant, even at the very end. Then I was mostly a medium after her.

With your first, your uterus stretches slowly, so you'll probably wear a small or medium most of the time if that's what you were before. You look great!

alanna rose said...

For me, I buy maternity pants one size smaller than I normally wear, and tops one size up (to cover the boobage). Just wait until your belly gets really big - it'll dwarf your boobs for a few weeks ;)

Prom theme - not sure, but with the yellow scaffolding and "snow piles" it reminds me of winter carnival!

Andrea said...

Oh I LOVE that dress! It's going to be so cute!! And let me tell ya, I went from a B to a DD!! Nice!! My husband was like, "Are they going to stay like that?" Men....
I was going to guess that the theme was a night under the stars, but those plastic things do look like the icebergs!! LOL!! I think the gym looks amazing already!! So cool!!

The Wades said...

My girls got big for me, but I couldn't have competed with yours. ;)

Talking on your cell phone in class. Cracks me up. You rebel, you!