Wednesday, April 21, 2010


That's what my girls are. Rude. They don't want to fit into anything, don't look the best for my small frame, aren't cooperating at all, don't want to go anywhere and certainly don't want to dress up. All they do it get in the way also. I swear I heard one of them tell the other to, "watch this..." the other night when I rolled over. How inconsiderate.

My husband has named my belly 'Hank'. Why? I'm not sure. But if you remember we used to have a Turkey he named Hank. I think it's a name he uses for anything he has found an affinity for. However Hank the turkey turned into 'Hank the Sunday dinner' after he flogged the crap out of Nate one day. I'm not sure I like the belly called after Sunday dinner. If Hank Williams Jr. was his Muse on this one I'd be totally cool with that, but personally, I think the belly thinks it's a bit rude.

Speaking of the's getting a little inconsiderate of the space it has been allotted so far. I feel like a science experiment and I strongly recommend never watching the movie "Aliens" if you plan on being pregnant and have yet to see it. The movement I can feel and now see just reminds me a little bit too much of that. I expect something to pop out singing, "hello my baby, hello my darling..." from the "Aliens" spoof. It's creepy and, well, rude....

I did receive the dress I ordered. However my body isn't cooperating and it is a little large. Can't pregnancy clothes be made to 'grow with' the pregnancy so I don't have issues with all the in between crap? I think I can make due with it, but a size medium, a size 32 with the growing girls aren't matching up well. Find a bra in that size and pregnancy clothes made to fit. All straps fall off my shoulders, the belly is too small for most clothing, yet the front completely fills out. How can that be with straps falling off? Can't pregnancy clothes be made for smaller frames that have large girls to begin with? Ones that grow with the belly too? I don't think much thought is put into that... I'm just worried the since my girls are rude they aren't going to cooperate the night of Prom.

Prom is still killing me. I'm a 'jump in and do' person, especially when I see things that need to be done and there are people standing around not doing it. It makes me crazy so I go do it - then I get yelled at for being around paint fumes, getting up on ladders or carrying heavy objects. Don't yell if you aren't willing to do it!!! Seriously!!!

The canned response of, "too much homework" is used by all students who have not been applying wise time management or are otherwise pissed off at a teacher. If I have given a student a week on an assignment and they wait until the last minute it honestly isn't my fault. I don't understand why they complain to parent's or administrators about teachers who are more than fair concerning this issue because they are crabby. It's rude and doesn't speak well of personal integrity.


Crystal said...

Wow, I wish I had your problem with the girls. :) Touche on your whiny students - they obviously haven't learned about time management.

Caroline said...

They'll maybe figure out time management by college....then again if my current experience is telling they won't-they'll just make teachers move due dates and exams. It's pretty ridiculous.

Good luck finding stuff to fit.

Laura said...

Hopefully every thing will smooth out soon! The prom will be done and over, school will be out and your belly will increase in size to match the girls! :)

alanna rose said...

Wear the too-big dress and feel comfortable - you can eat as much at the snack table as you like! I have major issues with all bra straps while preggers - I swear the boobs are resting on the belly and taking some pressure off of the straps, it makes me feel messy.

I am going to laugh about the paint fumes. J and I recently realized that every single paint project at this house has been completed while I was pregnant :)