Wednesday, May 09, 2012

A Month Went by Fast

...and blogger looks different...
Coming back to reality after one of my random non-blogging hiatus.  I keep thinking I need to have a focus to this blog rather than just random postings about my life, but I haven't found that focus yet.  Perhaps as a Wrangler this summer I will try and do a daily picture and post about working on a working guest ranch....idea to ponder...

Life has been busy - that much is a given I suppose.  Two and half weeks left to the school year, a growing kid and trying to condition horses hasn't left me much time (and not having internet at home kinda sucks too).

That and dealing with teenagers everyday.  For whatever reason these kids think they can cheat their way through life.  I always tell them it's only a matter of time - but they will get it all back eventually - well, one of my classes' did.  Evidently they have 'borrowed' work from previous years, despite my changing projects from year to year, to try and get out of doing all the work required.  I've know this occurs but unless it's a written piece, it's awfully hard to catch.  Last week a student was heard bragging about how she already had the final paper for one of my classes - one I haven't even assigned, nor was I.  Guess what?  I decided to assign a paper afterall.  And guess what the topic was?  How the integrity of characters found in the literary studies this year have lead to their eventual downfall.  When I assigned it I told them good luck finding someone who has written this paper already!  I know it's not much - but it's one battle won against plagiarism in my classes.  We use also which really helps with the written thesis and such.

Anyway - I have a goal to make this blog more worthwhile. Here's some random pictures of the kid to enjoy until then:

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Dreaming said...

OMG, "The Kid" has grown! The picture of him in the argyle sweater and cap is just too darn cute!
I laughed when I read about your writing assignment. Years ago I beta tested a plagiarism software. I was working at the district office and I ran each school's Technology Plan through the software. I actually caught a school that had 'borrowed' over 95% of it's plan from other sources!!! So, sadly, the problem transcends students in high school!