Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What Noise Does a Badger Make?

You have to come see me and give me beer to get the answer to that...but I assure you, my fire crew thinks it's funny...

I decided that since I ended that last post sooooo negatively, I need to somehow make up for it to me for paying off a loan yesterday so I can put that money into paying off yet other IS headway. AND I am PROUD of myself for even such a small accomplishment. See? Not everything is THAT horrid....(I'll just keep telling myself that...).

I just found these great pics of when the 'kids' were little! Anyone remember Dixie (far left) when she was this small? It's hard to believe Sedona was ever as tiny as she was too! I used to carry her around in my purse everywhere! Mav's as cute as ever too...looks the same, but huge! He still is the best boyfriend ever...


I am worth $2,591,370 on

Thanks Crystal!

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mel_fitz said...

nice job paying off debt. it's hard not to just spend the $