Friday, September 15, 2006

Life Update

Crazy week! We've been having some sporadic weather here so I've been working my tail-end off trying to help get the hay up before the rain gets to it. We had success last night. It started and stopped spitting twice, but never did rain before everything got put up.

Update on Kelly: He'll be back from training in October so we're going to settle this business with his horses then. This is great because at least I'll get to say bye to him also since who knows how we'll be able to stay in touch. It's so surreal still. Y'all now how when you meet someone and even if they do things that drive you crazy all you can do is smile about it and just take them as they are?...well, that's Kelly. He's become a great friend and all I can hope is that he ends up back home safe and sound next spring.

I'm freakin' right now because I have two - 3 hour tests tomorrow. It's the same 'ol BS crap I had to deal with to get my MI teaching license, and despite being a highly certified teacher Federally, CO wants my moola also and is making me re-take the tests here. I asked if I could just write them a check if they wanted the money that bad. The CO board just laughed....I wasn't joking though. I don't sit still well as it is, and now I've got to try and pull through 2 of these babies with only a few hours in between! Ahhhh! It wouldn't be so bad if I had something to take my mind of stressing in between the two, but as it is I'll be stuck in Alamosa and I figure my options are....getting lunch and studying. And knowing the information studied up to 2 hours before an exam doesn't actually help I'm sure I'll be making excuses to kill time some other go shopping at one of the three or four store we have in the great metropolis of Alamosa.

Oh well. I scored exceptionally high last time I took them...3 years ago. Hopefully I've retained SOME of that information!

Wish me Luck!

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Kara said...

Good luck on your exams. I am sure you will do great!!!