Monday, January 26, 2009

Identity Crisis

Make sure you look at who got awards below!

A few of my animals have identity crisis's (that word never does look right to me...)

Maggie the mustang thinks she's a dog. Dixie thinks she's a human. Maverick thinks he's superman. All the barn cats think they're dogs and come when I whistle. Izzy thinks she's a Rottweiler and growls when anyone come to the door. So naturally Wrigley had to find his niche right? He thinks he's a cat:

I'm a cat

I'm a Dog

I'm a cat

He 'problem solves' his way to the top of everything using anything that works as a step. Yes, he's on top of my bookcase sunning himself. That was via the dog bed, via the couch, via the papizan, via the window sill...


Andrea said...

He is way too cute! I love him sunning himself on the book shelf!! He probably sees the cats do it and thinks it doesn't look too bad!! Oh he is so stinken cute!!

I have a dog that thinks he is a cat. He used to walk on the back of my couches.

Heather J said...

Sounds about cats think their dogs, my dogs think their people, and my kids act like the dogs....

Rising Rainbow said...

What's a good critter without an identity crisis now and then? LOL

I seem to enjoy my animals the kookier they are!