Wednesday, January 28, 2009

YOUR Solutions!!!

I have the type of skin that's hyper-sensitive to EVERYTHING! I can touch my neck, get a red mark, and then deal with my students going, 'what's that? do you have a hickey?" and then I need to explain how my life is not anywhere near as exciting as that...unfortunately.

The stress from the last 4 months or so has been causing me to break out horribly. I've never been one for perfectly clear skin, but with this clean air and clean water out here I've never had many problems - until now. I know it's the stress, but this is getting ridiculous. I have tried a variety of products, but my problem is that anything that contains harsh chemicals aggravate my skin and make it worse, and anything I've tried naturally (some LUSH products, Neutragena, etc...) work well for a bit, and then it's like my skin becomes immune to it. So I do try and rotate certain things, but I'm getting a bit tired of making an art out of it. I've thought lately of home remedies and things that I can use that aren't going to cost me a billion dollars.

Does anybody have suggestions? I have combo skin. I never know if it will be too dry or too oily. I only use aloe as a moisturizer - everything else causes problems, plus it's soothing. Toners are too harsh. I need a good cleanser/purifier. I cannot use microdermabrasion - it causes my skin to become patchy. I do have a mint julep mask that I like and can use a few times a week also - but I find I really need to stay away from anything that isn't natural.



Y Garcia-Smith said...

I have super duper sensitive skin too. I use aveeno. It's the only stuff that doesn't make my skin go crazy.

Jericho Rose said...

Ask Maria Carollo... She is allergic to everything. I want to say she used the brand bare essentials.

Jericho Rose said...

I use Aveeno too.

JJ said...

I highly recommend Cetaphil. Especially the facial cleansers
I do sometimes have a hard time finding the whole product line - Target seems to only randomly carry it.

rae rae said...

I use a product called Glyderm. You can find it on

Andrea said...

I have the skin of a 16 year old. But it's funny because when I was 16, I had great skin, and now that I am 28, I have horrible skin. Big Ugly Zits!! But my sister found this blog that had a home remedy. It used Pure Green Tree Oil, and you can get it at wal mart. A little of that goes a long way. The lady has you wash your face and then you put that on your face. Like two drops of it on a wet wash cloth, and then put it on your face. My sister says it smells really woodsy, but it's supposed to work.

I used ProActive for the longest time. That stuff is WONDERFUL!! I loved it, but when my dad stopped paying for it, I got ugly skin again! hee hee

Here is the link to that ladies blog with the skin cure all!!