Thursday, January 15, 2009

The SLV and the Craziness

The craziness first. Sorry - I'm not going into detail, because there is so much and it has made me feel so bad I don't even know where to start. Things are worse at school as I pick up more and more from the teacher that will definitely NOT be here next year. It's bothering me a lot though because I really like her and she was my friend. But mainly we think it's important that the students have learned how to write BEFORE they graduate. Go figure.

Also things are worse on the home front - here's just a brief outline:
harassing e-mails about my ex so when I forwarded them to him he's now mad at me like I did something wrong and I'm tired of getting yelled at, the neighbors dog peeing all over my cut wood for my stove, the neighbors dog attacking a horse while I was on it, the neighbors being dicks about it, my wiener dog getting hurt and that kitten in my house...and that's just the start.

You'd think I would be used to it by now... I can't quite figure out why I don't get a break. Every morning I get up and wonder what will happen today? I should write a book. Seriously. Anybody want to read about the daily strange things that occur. I promise that after a bit I get sarcastic about it all and it's more funny!

So yeah - I'm overwhelmed and pretty much depressed 2009 is not starting out any better...but hey! I'm still trying!
BUT - I thought I'd give you all the lowdown on Bunni - the little Manx kitten I have in my house. I took her from my friend who bred her because she was high maintenance and she was dealing with a newborn and the little boy who father the child also - plus she breeds dogs, has a grooming business and is a full time teacher - so I thought I could help a little.
Anyway - at first we thought she had Manx Syndrome when they have lost the nerves through their rear-end due to the shortened spine. Bunni, unlike my other Manx, Izzy, has no tail - whereas Izzy has a stumpy tail. So poor Bunni, for lack of better words, began to leak a little...and required a washing a few times a day. This usually leads to death, but as it wasn't real bad we wanted to see if she wouldn't be able to take care of herself to become a good outdoor cat. Things have improved immensely in the last few weeks and now I don't have to wash her up at all! Occasionally she doesn't get it all out, but she's really good about the litter box and is the sweetest thing. Even the big dogs let her curl up on them.

Funny enough she looks just like the kitten I lost from Izzy's last litter. The only girl she's ever had. See the no tail?! She's named Bunni because she 'hops' instead of walk - typical of Manx's, but she barely ever walks at all - so she looks like a little rabbit with short ears hopping around.

Also - The people may be crazy here, but it sure is pretty. This is the view out the East facing windows of my new house.

To the Southeast - Mt. Blanca To the Northeast - Great Sand Dunes


Andrea said...

Bunni is adorable!! I love her fuzzie fur!! Too cute!!

There is a wonderful cure for neighbor's dogs who try to attack costs about 75 cents. Okay, shooting the dog won't make anything better, but if you get a Pellet gun and only cock it once then shoot him. He'll start to stay away, and you won't even puncture skin. A friend of mine uses a pellet gun on his horses butts when they won't walk on the walker. Okay, that sounds mean too, but normally all he has to do is cock it and the horses start walking.

I am sorry work has been so tough. Sounds like a lot of work. I hope that all works out.

Kara said...

Sorry to hear 2009 is starting out so ruff. I know it will get better for you. Also, the cat is adorable. I'm not much of a cat person, but kittens are so stinkin cute :)