Friday, February 27, 2009

Ode to the Denim Skirt or
Why I Don't Dress Up or
Show Some More Leg!!!
(and why I don't write poetry)

I found you
On the clearance rack
The price was such a steal
I snagged you up and brought you home
I still can't believe the deal

With a sweatshirt
With a sweater
A sash tied round my waist
A button down or tank top
You went with anything

My boots looked great
beneath you hem
Winter, Spring and Fall
You made my wardrobe incredibly complete
The most versatile item of all

But then one
Bright, sunny afternoon
When heading home from work
While hitching up a trailer
Your side split wide open, dear skirt

There's reasons why
Cowgirls don't wear skirts
And this lesson goes to prove
When dressing up to show some leg
Be careful how you move!

R.I.P Denim Skirt!

And for a close up:

Oh how I crack myself up...


Amy said...

That is to funny!!! But it is exactly something that would happen to me!

Carroll Farm said...

Hey, I have done that before too...

Great poetry!

Andrea said...

Oh my goodness!! That is great!!! I love it!! And girl, that poor skirt, sniff sniff. I hate it when I loose a good outfit due to farm related acidents!! LOL!!!

PancerBali said...

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Lesley said...

I like that your difficulty drove you to poetry. What an elegant solution to strife.

rae rae said...

funny :)