Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The (Mis) Adventures of a Monday

Yeah! I have internet at home, but cannot use it because I’m a dumbass. Let me explain. I am cursed. I have the evil eye. I know I do. Somebody, somewhere is thinking nasty thoughts in my direction. And I swear I know who it is…a former student who was back to visit. My mother always said I was cursed and that she blamed her side of the family for it. I should have heeded her advice when I had the chance while I was in Greece, the country that I swear invented this evil eye crap. Everywhere you turn there’s another talisman against it. I was surrounded by them daily, but did I get myself one for insurance against this type of stuff? No, of course not…and I’ve been paying the price! I mean seriously, how many people do you know who have been trapped by beaver?!

So it all started yesterday evening when I went to dance and was forced into a bad mood by the catty little snots that were present. The studio is way overcrowded on Mondays, but I have a VFD meeting tonight and can’t make it tonight. I survived, felt I accomplished nothing and drove 80 miles round trip for nothing as well, and then stopped for gas on the way home…where the evil eye first kicked in. Somehow the fuel injector bottle that was emptying into my gas tank decided to ‘jump’ free as I was putting my card into the reader. Of course it got all over my new North Face jacket I had saved for all summer. I very rarely buy anything REALLY nice or expensive for myself, so I was pretty bummed, but figured I could find a way to clean it at home. Sure enough it ended up in the washer, and I decided to download some pics and update this blog and do something fun before I started studying for the exam I have on Saturday.

Then I couldn’t find the phone. I looked all over, in the house, the truck, outside in case Maverick carried it off to be buried…nowhere. And then it dawned on me where it was. Yup, I washed my brand new Razor phone. No warranty on water damage. Go figure. Thank God I still have my old phone around with all my contacts and everything….Again, buy myself something nice, and within a few weeks I’ve managed to ruin it. So $250 dollars later, I have a new phone in the mail on it’s way to me. Thank God for credit cards.

But it doesn’t end there! Since I was talking with Verizon on my old phone, I had to step outside because it gets such horrid service I don’t get any signal in my house. I left Maverick in the house. Now he is a wonderful pup, but lately he’s been going through a ‘terrible two’ stage and has decided anything moving, not moving, or smelling like it once could have moved needs to be explored, picked up, put in his mouth, buried or chewed up. So once my business was finished and I was feeling a bit poorer than usual, I walk into the carnage of what was once my garbage, a stuffed animal, a pair of shoes (old ones though that were being replaced) and a few hair clips…nothing all that horrid, but still, not behavior that is acceptable by my animals…and then I noticed my camera case laying on the floor…no camera. Oh boy. Maverick already was hiding under the couch, Sedona was playing warden and had him trapped under there by laying in front of the opening, and Dixie was sleeping on the rug in the family room…like a little kid who’s smart enough not to get involved. I’m ranting around the house looking for the camera and finally found it on my bed along with some new decorative tooth marks on it. Thank God it’s fine, my mother had the insight to by me a camera with a titanium cover since I’m such a mess on a good day.

I hate Mondays.


alanna rose said...

ouch! I think I need to get to the Catholic Store and buy you a Saint, they work much better than talismans :)

Laura said...

That is a Monday. Hopefully things have improved!