Sunday, November 26, 2006

She's ALIVE!

I've been in a perpetual state of drunkeness or hangover since the day I arrived. So if some of this doesn't make sense bear with me. Cool thing is I'm sitting in the truck writing this as my dad drives me to the airport. I love this broadband stuff. Oh - and I LOVE dunkin' donuts!

Idiot wonder here thought I had a 6am flight this morning. Try 8:10. BIG difference. I'm such a moron. Dad stumbled across that fact last night. I could have stayed out longer;(

Yes, yes, to quell any doubt, I have survived my ten year reunion. It was, to say the least, interesting. Let's begin where it all started shall we?

For starters, my brother tentatively made plans to go to the restaurant early with me and his girlfriend to 'scope' out the situation, get a decent meal and get a few cocktails down. Notice I say 'tentatively'. He didn't pick me up until 8:30. Half hour AFTER the reunion had started, so already the scoping out bit is down the drain.

We arrive, they get a few drinks, I wander into the reunion shaking from nerves, sign in, and make a beeline for the bar. A few girls I played ball with walked in right after me, and not only did they not even say hi, they ignored me completely. Great way to start out. Seems some things never change at all.

So, whiskey in hand, I head back to my little bro and check out the people still wandering in until I see a girl who thought she was 'all that and then some'; now was as large as a cow pass my whiskey induced strength kicked in and I felt brave enough to apply myself to the situation...laughing all the way! I think I hurt myself laughing that night at similar situations. My abs still hurt. Either that or the winter insulation is kicking in and I need to do more crunches...

Once inside yet again, I immediately saw an old friend whom was always a good back-up date for the many events I never had a date for. I figured he'd turned into a major hottie, and I was SOOOO right! He seemed alone, we were having a great conversation, I'm thinking, "wow! I should have picked up on this 10 years ago! What a dumbass I was (well, still am but let's not go there)!" and then the pictures of the wife and kid come out. *Sigh* Oh well. He looks great. His wife is beautiful. His kid is adorable. I seriously couldn't be happier for him because he was one of the nicest guys in the school. So we're going to keep in touch and get together at Christmas so I can meet the rest of the family.

Moving on...$60.00 ticket, no food but munchies, no top shelf liquor, and only about 2 hours until we have to start paying...and this place isn't cheap. No reunion stuff either, like pictures, or who's changed, or anything like that...I think strange, but maybe good. There are people I didn't mingle with back then and I don't want to mingle with them now.

Some people didn't change at all. The little whores still looked like little whores. The potheads were still potheads. Some girls who deserved to stay beautiful did, and others didn't. And then there were the people who changed A LOT! Like a girl who I swear only kept me around as a charity friend case...who was HUGE! And the bald, fat guys I didn't recognize until I realized they were some of the most popular guys back in high school! I laughed so hard, and some of the people I was with just didn't get it! I guess we were on different levels back than too. It may be evil, but it makes me feel good. I'm allowed that every now and then.

Surprisingly, a few guys made there way over to me for introductions, only to figure out who I was. I'm thinking I made an impression? Good, that's EXACTLY what I wanted to do! I discovered that guys do maybe like a chick who can take care of herself. Or perhaps they're just tired of the rich, whining attitude of so many girls from Birmingham, and I was a refreshing change? Or maybe my redneck, cowgirl ways are scary so they just decided to be nice so I didn't hurt them?
I did my best to drink $60 worth of liquor. Didn't happen. I have to remember that even though I'm at sea level it doesn't mean I can drink like I used to in college. I ALREADY killed my liver. Of course I arrived home around 2 am starving and my dad was still up, so we ordered a pizza (yeah for city food!) and stayed up talking.

I saw Kara! It was so great to finally see my 'kid' again! She looks absolutely beautiful and her daughters are adorable! Motherhood definitely agrees with her. He parents' house is like a mini Scott daycare. The whole family was there for the holiday! I'm so glad things are working out for her and all our prayers concerning her girls have been answered! I cannot wait to see her again over Christmas if we can find the time.

Went to dinner with the folks and my brother and his girlfriend. Supposedly he's going to propose here sometime soon. NOW I feel old. Since when does your younger sibling find happiness first? That's not fair. Anyway, we went to this expensive restaurant called 'The Moose Preserve' and it's all decorated like the UP! And they have hamburgers called 'The Houghton Burger' and 'The Hancock Burger' and a UP Realty sign on the wall...and I'm thinking, "people pay $20 a meal for this, but avoid the UP and it's backwoods ways like the plague?". How can they honestly make money off that? Do the people up there know about this? Do the people that own the restaurant know that a lot raging alcoholics populate the UP? VERY strange. Why should I pay $20 for a Walleye dinner when I could catch one and make the same thing, but only better? But than again, that's me and I'm strange. So if anyone if jonesin' for some UP surroundings, visit 'The Moose Preserve'. Never mind that most of us never caught a glimpse of a Moose up there...and I was a FORESTER for God's sake!

- went out for a few drinks last night because I forgot I'm a lightweight despite my convictions I can drink more at sea level. Well, that and a boy was buying, which is always a good reason in anybody's book. And I'm not writing anymore about that because I know he's reading this (ha, ha, ha). Remembered another thing. I shouldn't drink caffeine. Oh yeah! I'm scatter-brained and hyper enough without it! How could I forget? So I basically have gotten no sleep because my blood pressure was a bit up there...I could have been bouncing off a wall if I hadn't been trying to get at least a few hours of sleep. Can anyone say DECAFE?!? For crying out loud...

Maybe I should have pulled an all-nighter afterall...but then things REALLY would have sucked today trying to get chores done, dog's picked up, paper's graded, and driving home from Denver...and this week isn't exactly condusive to catching up on sleep. I have dance Monday night, coaching Tueday and Thursday before school at 6:30 am, babysitting my friend's kids Tuesday and Wednesday while she and her husband attend an out of town conference, a basketball tourny Thursday, skiing Friday with the class I sponsor....ahhhhh! Back to the psychotic schedule I keep. Somewhere in there I think I have a firefighting training also...hmmmm....I need to check my planner....

Signing out all you beautiful people. Until the next time I decide to terrorize the Detroit area! Notice I already have a ticker counting down...

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Crystal said...

Sounds like you had a great time in MI. I want to know what made the Houghton and Hancock burgers so special.