Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Check THIS out!

Mt . Bohemia, one of the places I used to patrol at WAY up the Keweenaw from Mont Ripley is rated as one of the top 10, unknown, kick-ass world ski destinations! Yeah! I love this place, but most runs are rated expert, and bring a pair of rock skis in case the snow hasn't been falling like it should! A REAL snow makers!

Check out the article at MSN.

On another note, Monarch opened last week and it hasn't quit snowing up there in the last few days. To top it off, Colorado is under a snow advisory! We don't have much of anything here, just a dusting, but the hills are getting hammered! I'm taking the kids Friday no matter what! Sick or otherwise....see below:

So my partying has caught up with me...I have walking pneumonia. Fabulous. Seems a bit too much cigarette smoke from the bars and restaurants in Michigan, combined with my asthma caused a lung infection. Again, fabulous. Michigan needs to be a smoke-free state too, before Christmas, then I can party again. I feel fine, but am really tired and am having a hard time breathing. Probably why I'm tired.

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mel_fitz said...

I never tried Bohemia and I'm from Houghton--sad but true. Ripley is as "advanced" as it gets for me.
Hope your pnem. is short-lived. That sucks.