Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday Update!

Real quick - it's been a crazy week! But I'd like to cover a few things. For starters Wrigley is getting the drain tubes out tonight. Maverick has cleaned him up real well where he couldn't reach the wounds, and that has helped things scab over. Stitches still need to stay in for another week, but we're doing good! Haven't seen the other dog, but I know they are letting him out at night unsupervised and when I catch him in front of my house I'm going to shoot him. Dixie always let's me know when he's out there - she's such a good dog.

Please support our fundraiser if you can! If not - forward it on to other's who might enjoy this item! It really is quality! Make sure to add "Go Farmer's" in the message box when checking out!

Also - as a wildland firefighter I cannot ignore what has been happening in Australia. Horrible bush fires have been ripping through parts of their country leaving behind hundreds of dead people and animals. To top this all off there has also been horrible flooding. I posted the following pics off Bush Babes blog. Those of you who can make donations to Red Cross for fire and flood relief, please do. Many Australians have provided support for us through many of our fire seasons, including California last summer.


Bush Babe said...

Thanks so much for sharing this Dani... it's amazing to get such lovely support from all over the world.

Melissa said...

I really enjoyed coming across your blog!

Andrea said...

I am glad Wrigley is doing well. I was worried about him. And I would keep my gun close to me, just in case!! :)

And I need to post about the school fundraiser!! I will have to order some toffee. It's the best, yum!!

And it's really devistating what is going on down under. I love that last picture. It's too sweet.