Monday, February 02, 2009

The Gnomes Hate Me!!! and Other Adventures...

Part 1

Um -yeah - I didn't get much done this weekend. Well, I did technically, just not what I needed or wanted to get done. I did get my wood cut (cause I HAVE to) and I did get the pictures at school, but that's about it from my list. I did set up an appointment for the farrier - FINALLY!

I woke up at about 4:30 Saturday morning and couldn't sleep. Since I had so much I wanted to get done this weekend, plus grade school projects, I decided that I could start a load of laundry and read a little for some downtime. That's when I discovered this:

What is that?

Oh - I's a broken pipe in my wall. Fun.

So that took up my morning instead - finding it that is, not fixing it. Then I was asked to help move cattle. I figured why not, since I could get at least one horse exercised...but only if they could help me fix the pipe. But that didn't happen until Sunday unfortunately - though it was an easy and quick, cheap fix. PVC is cheap and all I had to do was cut it and glue it back on with pipe glue and connectors. I think it cost all of $5 and I have 9 1/2 feet left for future projects.

So by Sunday late morning I started a load of laundry. The washer filled up fine, but then everything stopped. Huh? So I get to messing around...but what is that I see on the carpet creeping out from under the washer? Water! Is it my drain? Is it froze? No. Hmmmmmm.....So I have to run the whole cycle through to get the water out so I can tip it up and see. Hmmmmm....water is now POURING from underneath. Oh - maybe it's just the hose has wiggled loose. Easy fix right? Except that's not what it was. Instead I spent about 3 hours laying on wet towels I kept layering to soak up the water trying to figure out where the water was. Thank God I'm a problem solver. I found it! The water intake/outtake was cracked. It was SOOOO small, but the plastic was SOOOO thin that it would open up and the close with out pressure behind it. I epoxied it and now tonight I will see if it worked.

Have I mentioned before I need a man? Well, if I haven't let me now...I NEED A MAN TO BE A PLUMBER AND ELECTRICIAN AND ALL THAT OTHER HOUSEHOLD STUFF I HONESTLY DON'T CARE TO LEARN ABOUT!!!! Oh yeah - and to cut the wood to...And I do want a man that will do that stuff. Not actually just pick up the phone and call someone else to do it. Seriously.

In conclusion, the Gnomes hate me. They think I need a man too.

Moving right along....

Part 2
In case you all haven't noticed, I'm much happier lately even with all the 'daily inconsistencies" I experience. Let me explain this as quickly as possible. I have cut every person out of my life that brings me down, completely and equivalently - even if that meant I was losing out on job opportunities and help with rent and wood - things that could be potential stressful situations in and of themselves. Surprisingly enough I feel better than I have in 2 years. Go figure. Maybe it was mostly one person in particular...

So added to my list of things to do were my taxes - something that will help with the stress factor - and I'm happy to say they are FILED!!! Go me!

As usual my place was a zoo on top of everything else this weekend. Here are some candids I managed to catch:

What's that in my sink? Why?

Hey! Cool owl nest in my tree in the yard! Is there something in it? Let's get closer...

Al thinks he's an Owl! Actually, the neighbors dog -I- want -to -do- away -with -and -can't -do- anything- about, chased him up the tree. He liked it up there though! Well, early last week I heard the distinctive call of the Sandhill crane and looked up to see a small flock headed to the Blanca wetlands by my house. They are great indicators of spring, but I had ever seen any so early before. I was hoping they were the start of the migration to the breeding gounds here in the valley, and I was right! Because by this weekend I was seeing and hearing this! Spring has arrived! Yeah!!!

The poultry made it through the worst of the winter even though it's been REALLY mild (30's and 40's during the day in full sunshine and hovering on both sides of 0 at night). I lost two of my best layers to that stupid dog next door. And the rooster sunk into a depression afterwards and stopped eating and crowing and died this weekend. Poor bugger. I really liked him to. Now that spring has arrived they are all starting to exhibit sign of nesting. Hopefully eggs follow soon again! I also lost two guineas, not sure why, but am happy the rest pulled through as they really don't do extreme cold well. There are some frost bit toes, but as this pic show they are getting around just fine!


randi said...

I'm starting to worry a little that the gnomes are going to attack me! I'll be there in a month and a half! I can't wait!! :)

Jericho Rose said...

Where is your landlord in these situations? You are renting, right? They should be taking care of this stuff, if not you can hold rent.

Danielle Michelle said...

Jericho - New York. I can call the realator that handles the stuff and wait for a week before somebody fixes it - or I can do it. I own the washer though so I'm stuck with that!

alanna rose said...

I think you need to provide the gnomes with a friend. Get yourself a garden gnome statue, maybe they'll have gnome adventures instead of getting into gnome-y mischief :)

And I say - while Randi is in town, put her to work! ;)

Andrea said...

Wow, what a day. That pipe broken and then the washer. I would have been freaking out. I am not a fix it kind of gal. I am a "call" someone kind of person.

Want to hear a confession? I found my cowboy and husband, the same guy, on line. Yep, we met on line. We are dorks. but we have been married for 5 almost 6 years now. So, equine!! Find ya a cowboy!! LOL

And those birds! Awesome video!! That is amazing. I hope spring comes early. I would love some spring weather. My 20 year old horse was acting like a young colt today.

You do have some naughty Gnomes.