Friday, February 06, 2009

Wrigley Update

Wrigley has 17 stitches and 2 tubes running from his spine and shoulder for drainage. With care and antibiotics he should be alright, but I have him with me at school so he can get his medication. Hopefully we won't be back to the vets until late next week, but I'm not liking a site that isn't draining right and am going to try to get it to drain on my own if it doesn't by this evening.

State law in CO is I have a right to shoot the dog. I don't have to poison him or anything and Animal Control only come out if I ask. Though I do like the anti-freeze idea, I don't want any other animals to get into to, like my cats, or their other dog who is a really sweet old dog - or even one of mine.

Aggressive dogs truly aren't to blame. It's their owners who have not conditioned them correctly. I don't believe any one breed is more aggressive than another - it is how they are raised. I have seen 'family' breeds, such as collie's attack people, and Rottweiler's and Doberman be the most gentle animal with children ever (Dixie is half Rott and is more gentle with kids than most people I know - she's even had fingers poked up her butt if that explains exactly how gentle she is).

Despite having talked with the owner's in-laws multiple times about the dog, the actual owner was unaware of the severity of the situation and was appalled to hear how aggressive his dog has become. He adopted the dog and has only had it for 9 months so essentially he's still learning a lot about the animal. He would not agree to put it down however, and we discussed if he truly wanted this liability. He wants to try and contain the animal, and I understand his viewpoint, but did tell him that the next attack will involve my shotgun and the police. He was very decent about everything and said the vet bill would be paid and he took full responsibility for the dog's behavior.

It helped I had a witness who was a big guy who had known the owner for years - everyone was calm and relaxed and I simply stated my case and showed Wrigley to him. My witness also commented on how aggressive he had seen the dog be on the few times he was over. It helped a lot to prove my case. I should be a lawyer, sneaky me.

Anyway - I'm not getting what I want, namely the dog dead. BUT, the owner is aware and so are the police. There was no altercations, which makes me happy, and I haven't even heard nor seen the dog since. I just hope there are no more problems, at least concerning me.

Thanks for the good thoughts -


heather joyce said...

Poor Wrigley! I hope everything works out for you both.

Jericho Rose said...

Sorry to hear about Wrigley!! Ouch... I feel bad for the owner's dog too in that they aren't able to control it.

Andrea said...

Poor Poor Wrigley. I do hope he gets to feeling better. I am glad he can go to school with you. I am sure he loves that extra attention and it's making him feel a lot better.

And I am glad the owner now has his eyes opened to the situation. And I love your big "back up". Perfect. I hope the dog can get some manners and a kennel.

Give Wrigley some hugs and kisses for me. I hope he gets well soon.