Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Look

Thought it was time for my own look. With all that's been going on with me, I've been spending a lot of time just re-assessing who I really am, and who and what doesn't need to be a part of my life anymore. It's been refreshing!

I'm going to change the look of my header from time to time using my own photography. This is yet another thing that seems to have fallen to the wayside and I'm not going to let it anymore.

So I had a fun 3 day, men -bashing, v-day weekend! It wasn't so men-bashing as originally planned, since I hung out with guys as much as I did the girls, but we dubbed them honorary gals for the weekend anyway as long as they didn't cause any drama.

Friday evening started rough when I arrived home from a long day to find an antagonizing note on my door. I didn't let it get to me, but the longer I thought about it the more upset I was. I was at my friend's parent's house when the guy down the road stopped by and told me I was going to the bar. I haven't been to the bar here in 2 years and said no. I ended up going (twist my arm!) and had a blast! I ran into a colleague's son and we danced all night. I haven't done that in OVER 2 years (no, I'm not getting old, I've been repressed).

Saturday I chilled with the gals. I was a bit wore out from the night before and called it in pretty early, but was up Sunday in the mountains with a guy friend getting some dry wood for the woodstove and tooling around on the Ranger. I took the dogs with me and they had a blast! It was a beautiful day! I ended it by taking my friend's son to the Sand Dunes pool to soak in the hot water.

The Twin Peaks - Two 14er's I look out to from my house. Though we're about 20 miles closer and about 2,000 feet higher here!

Wrigley had to ride with me as he couldn't keep up! I took the last of his stitches out last night and had to open up a few of his scabs so he could keep draining (I know, gross, but it's either that or he gets sick) Yes - I got a little sunburned and it's not the most flattering picture but we were having fun!

Maverick and Dixie tearing it up in the tracks going up the Mountain! They were so excited to chase rabbits and bark at the coyotes they saw up there!

I spent my Monday off working horses. Maggie has been coming along great and I'm going to teach her how to drive a cart also. I decided it was time for Rebel to take a saddle. He's been so good, I put a surcingle on him last week and cinched him up tight and turned him loose to get out all the bucks, kicks and snorts - and then just get used to having something around him - but he just looked at it, looked at me, and went back to grazing. Little snot! I left it on him for an hour and he never did anything. So this weekend he only tried to eat the saddle and could have cared less how many times I lifted it up, set it on his back and took it back off. SO I cinched him up. I figured SOMETHING had to give and he'd freak about the scary stirrups banging around his belly, but he tried to eat those too. He wasn't too sure about being ponied by Charlie at first, but after about 15 minutes he was an old pro off both sides and would pace his walk and trot to Charlie's pace. I'm positive he's a keeper now (like there was ever any doubt with his breeding). I swear that barrel saddle was made for him and he's not even a full 2-year old yet! Yes, he's going to have some size to him! He's out of Pat Cohen breeding on top and Doc Bar and Sunfrost on bottom. His disposition is to kill for.

Please remember to support our fundraiser if you can! Our outreach is starting to work and the taste results are coming in! Everyone wants to go back for more! Just be sure to follow the directions!


randi said...

Less than a month and I'll be there! I can't wait! :)

Carroll Farm said...

Wow it looks like you had a great time! I bet it was fun to 'let loose' for a couple of days. Glad to hear a smile in your words.

Erika said...

hey, saw your comment on HS's blog. Here's the link to my new blog. I sent out an invite to everyone months ago, but maybe it got lost in the tubes! HUGS!

Andrea said...

I love your new look!! IT's fantastic!! And I love your "man bashing" weekend!! And who wrote you that note? Do you want me to come up there and beat him up??

I am glad Wrigley is doing better!! That poor little guy. I bet he was nice and warm in your coat!!

You are so brave to break out colts. I have lost my guts about doing it. I guess I am getting old. But it sounds like they are all coming along great.

MuseSwings said...

Hello! I popped over by way of Bush Babe's. Wrigley looks like he is recovering nicely and has a nice warm place to hang out.

Diana said...

love the new look!!