Monday, February 23, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Well - nobody wanted my free stuff, so I closed comments and only one person it getting something. I'm assuming this isn't a real poplar 'tag' per se, but it's simple and fun! C'mon people! Where's your sense of adventure?! I was digging into homemade candles and good books this weekend in anticipation!

Anywho - helped load 7 tons (yes, 14,000 lbs) of hay Saturday, worked some horses, made myself a steak and potato dinner and crashed. I was supposed to rope down a cow who has a bit of wire twisted around her leg Sunday for a neighbor, but he called it off at noon as his girlfriend was being a pain and 'needed' him to spend time with her. Oh well. Wire cuts off circulation of cow leg = costly. Girlfriend mad = priceless? Why date someone who doesn't get what you do for a living? I don't get it and I could write a book about these gals everyone seems to choose over me, but I'm not going to go there right now. I KNOW my problem: I don't NEED a man - I just want one. Funny how that works in being passed over.

Since the wind kicked up some I used it as an excuse to clean house, brush horses, take the dogs for a walk, read and grade papers. Weather here is 'falling' into spring fast. Nights are double digits and days are hitting in the 50's. I'm so glad. It was a mild winter and early spring, but if it had been like last year I don't even want to speculate on all the other problems that would most likely would have happened. Everyone was pretty lazy as the as the afternoon wore on as the following candids show:

This is bunni's favorite spot; hanging off the windowsill. She's getting big and is extremely affectionate.

Wrigley is healing up fast! He's such a trooper.
He loves to lay in front of the woodstove. He's layed claim to the little carpet I use to catch the ashes on.

Maggie and Rumba bask in the warm spring sun. After I took this picture I went and laid on top of Maggie. She loves me to lay on her back and scratch her neck. She's such a good girl.
Charlie and Rebel wanted to see what was up too as I took pictures. Charlie got some lovin' too, but Rebel isn't too sure about being touched while he's laying down. He'd rather stand up and stick his nose in my chest. You can really see how big he is laying next to Charlie (the one one the right). Charlie is a rather large (15 hand) appendix, who is built like a brick ****house, and Rebel rivels both his height and girth. Don't mind my fences, they need to be re-stretched! What you lookin' at?

Dixie helping with the papers.

Out cold. That's what grading papers makes me feel like too. Can you believe she sleeps like that?


heather said...

I love seeing all of the pics of your animals! Dixie looks so old...I was looking through old pics and found one when you first got her! I love how she sleeps, btw.

Danielle Michelle said...

She just turned 9 last week! She still gets around and thinks she's a pup, but I've noticed her getting stiff sometimes. She's still as sassy *itch!

Andrea said...

Hooray, I am a winner!! I think it's a way fun tag. I am going to be posting it on my blog tomorrow!! I can't think of what I am going to make!!! I am so excited!!

And I love seeing your animals. I too can't believe that guys date girls like that?? I don't get it?? I sometimes try to be that "girl" but my husband tells me to get a life and he finishes what he does!! LOL!!!

My old man just turned 9 too!! Girl, you need to live down here by me!! I have a spare room!!! I think their might even be an opening at the little school here!! Louisiana is so.....buggy?!!

I swear it's nice!! hee hee.

Andrea said...

Oh and I almost forgot, I just ordered some toffee for a lady who babysat my kidos for me. And I remembered to use the words Go Farmers!!

I still need to blog about that!!

alanna rose said...

Oh the babies!
I'm buying toffee today or tomorrow :)