Thursday, February 05, 2009

Shotgun or Poison?

That dog next door attacked Wrigley this morning. All the puncture wounds missed anything important, so now we're watching to make sure he doesn't go toxic from swelling. Vet thinks he got extremely lucky the bites are around his shoulders. It was like watching somebody pick my child up and shake it and then throw it on the ground. That's what this dog did.

I got no apologizes as the 'owner' wasn't home. I told his in-laws to let him I'd like to know exactly who is responsible for the dog. I didn't shoot it right away because we share the same rental land, but I sure as hell spoke with the police this morning and there is going to be an itemized bill for all my loss - chickens, vet bill, taking off work, etc...

I'm no longer the nice neighbor. And Animal Control told me I have every right to do away with the dog as I wish. I'm just scared to do anything because I don't want them to go after anything of mine so I'm going to try and talk with the owner first.

Please pray Wrigley's okay.


randi said...


OK. I would try to talk to him first too, but if you don't get anywhere I'd shoot him the next time he comes on your property. At least that's a quick death. Poison could result in a slow and painful death and no matter how mad an animal makes me, I just can't justify making them suffer.

I'll say a little prayer for Wrigley. There's nothing that I hate more than pet owners who aren't responsible for their animals.

alanna rose said...

They should have the dog put down after speaking with you, and if they don't, I feel that animal control should have the dog put down and send them the bill. You shouldn't have to be the one to take care of the dog.

This situation sucks - sometimes I hate people.

Happy thoughts for little Wrigley.

Caroline said...

That dog needs to be put down, if a dog attacks another dog like that-they can easily be a risk to people.

They just put a pit bull(s) down that attacked another dog b/c of a risk to people-I didn't read the article well, but I don't think the owner was given a choice. (Happened in the Outer Banks)

Andrea said...

Anti Freeze will do the dog in and nobody will know!! And I would just tell animal control to come and pick it up. Let them deal with the owners. I can't believe that!! Your poor Wrigley. I do hope he will be okay. The poor boy. I would be so mad. Maybe a shot gun to the head and some anti freeze??
I pray that Wrigley will be alright.

JJ said...

I totally agree with Caroline - that dog is a risk to people, too! Why is the answer from animal control that you could shoot it? They should do something more active to solve this - isn't that their job? Haven't they seen Animal Cops ;)
And I hope Wrigley recovers fast and is ok!!!