Monday, February 09, 2009

My Class Fundraiser

As a teacher I am often asked to sponsor MANY, MANY being a class. Every class is responsible for different events each year and spend a lot of time raising money for Prom during their Junior year. As a small rural community bordering 2 other school districts (and 5 potato fields) we basically have 'fundraised' the area out by Winter Break. This lead me to try and come up with unique and new ideas for fundraising that would reach a large amount of people with the least amount of work on our behalf. Please follow the directions to support the Sargent Class of 2011!!! I'd like to note this stuff is amazing!!!

This will be running through the end of May, so order as many times as you like for holidays, birthdays, 'just 'cause gifts', making sure you follow the directions posted below. We appreciate everyone's help in supporting our class!

When you make a purchase at, a generous portion of the purchase is donated to the Sargent Jr./Sr. High School Class of 2011!!!

1. Go to and choose either milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white satin almond toffee by clicking on the appropriate button.

2. Select either the 8 ounce or 16 ounce size.

3. Go to check out and enter your credit card and shipping information.


4. Enter the Fund Raiser Code "Go Farmers" in the space provided for a ‘Special Message to Friend or Loved One'. DO NOT enter the Fund Raiser code in the space for coupon numbers! You may also include a message for your loved one or friend and the "Go Farmers" will be edited out of the message.

5. Complete the check out process.

Your order will be acknowledged by e-mail and the toffee will be shipped according to your instruction in the order. Forty percent (40%) of each purchase, excluding the cost of shipping and handling, will be forwarded to the Sargent Jr./Sr. High School Class of 2011 to support their activities.

To insure that your purchase arrives at the appropriate time, please allow for 3 to 5business days for shipping.

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Andrea said...

What a great idea!! I will have to make an order. I was thinking that I needed to order some toffee!! And I have lots of time to order!! I will blog about it over at my place too!! To let everyone know about it!! Great Idea!! I love ETA toffee.