Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Did You Know?

Chickens are descended from Dinosaurs? Really. I'm not kidding about this. And guess WHICH dinosaur scientists believe have the closest genetic connection?

The Tyrannosaurus Rex

Really. I have mini T. Rex's running around in my backyard. Really - and I have proof:

Doesn't she sound like a dinosaur? That's T. Rex 1 and 2 in my coop.

She's broody. She thinks she's going to hatch some eggs, except there aren't any eggs under her, and if there were they wouldn't be fertile right now because my neighbor's dog killed my big beautiful Ancona rooster. His replacement is only 7 weeks old.


Andrea said...

I did know that chickens were descendants from the T-Rex!! I read it in one of my son's story books. Oh the things you learn reading bedtime stories!!

Girl, those DO sound like dinosaurs!! LOL!! I am scared of chickens. I don't like their feet. I would love to have some but, I am not sure I could ever get that close to them. And I think those two hens would scare the dickens out of me!! Hee hee!!

Rumba, what ya doing? Where is that baby?

The Wades said...

Oh wow! You aren't messing around. That chicken sounds fierce! :) Thanks for educating me today. I cannot wait to pull out that little piece of trivia I learned from the wonderful world of Blogland.

mel_fitz said...

did you know... i am scared of birds?

your pics on the prev. post are awesome!! the one w/ the horses just beyone the snowy branches is sweet! can't believe you got easter snow. even up in the u.p. there was no snow on easter!