Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Wish List...

In order of importance, rather than actual want (it's the only thing responsible about the entire post). This is for me in case I forget...

1) Eye Exam, New Contacts and Glasses (Insurance doesn't cover this...)

2) Truck Tune Up (It's misfiring...maybe because the spark plugs were supposed to be replaced 40,000 miles ago?)

3) My Wisdom Teeth Out (Insurance doesn't cover this either...)

4) Knee Surgery (Because it's going to be expensive even with insurance)

5) New Truck Tires (I'm the Flat Tire Queen on the Valley)

6) My Old Horse Trailer fixed up

7) BIG Professional Digital Camera (I love my Minolta, but it's film)

8) Cool Camera Strap from Riley G

8) Nintendo Wii

9) Amazon Kindle

10) A 5th Wheel Horse Trailer

11) Winning Lotto Ticket

12) A Rich - NICE - Cowboy with a ranch...cutish too if possible

13) Expensive Matching Kitchen Appliances for my Ranch Kitchen

14) See #12

15) See #12 Again

See how realistic I am? I've been dreaming about kitchen appliances lately. Cool colorful ones for cooking and baking. Seriously. I think my subconscious has it figured out that dreaming about cute cowboys on horseback (Like Hugh Jackman in Australia) isn't realistic.


16) LASIK!!!! So I can wake up and not have to be 2 inches from the clock to see what time it is!

17) A New Computer (that doesn't belong in a museum)


alanna rose said...

I think #11 should be at the top. Are your wisdom teeth bothering you? What's up with the DDS in Oakland County? Why didn't they have us have them removed when we were still under our parent's insurance??

I don;t know if you have a Walmart nearby with optical (I generally loathe Walmart), but when I didn't have optical ins I went there and the prices weren't too bad for the exam and a year supply of contacts (which I made last 3 years).

alanna rose said...

PS - My browser hates your bookshelf (I think it's cool), it never loads. And Mel told me that her browser takes a dump whenever she tries to load the bloggo, we think the bookshelf might be culpable. :)

Andrea said...

Okay, number 12, uhm....there is something about rich and cowboy that don't go in the same sentence. Okay, there are a few out there. I really wanted a show cowboy....I got a bullrider. Who hates to ride horses. I have to beg him ride for or with me. Sigh....

Knee Surgery??!! What happened? And those wisdom teeth are not fun at all. Expensive boogers. I used to work for a dentist. I loved to help extract teeth!! It was one of my favorite appointments.

We got a Wii, and we never play it. I am not a video game person. I would love a Wii Fit!!

My hubby needs some new tires too!! He gets so excited about getting new tires.

I love fancy kitchen appliances. I would love a red mixer too!!

Hey, that horse trainer, Corey, has this so not cute girlfriend. I am sure you could come down here and win him over!! He is tall, about 6 foot tall. And he rides horses!! Really really well!! My husband says that Corey is a just a laid back country boy!! Perfect!!

And I dream about cute cowboys on horseback all the time.....sigh....I think PW hit the jackpot with her man. Don't they have a few cousins that are single? Cowboy Josh or something like that??

Well, now that I have written a novel. One of the top thing son my to do list is wax my eyebrows. And get a hair cut. I am way over due on both of those.

Kara said...

I had lasik a couple years ago and love it. My sight isn't 20/20, but pretty darn close. I can always get a touch up as long as I keep up with my yearly exams.

rae rae said...

MMMMM i'm in love with Hugh Jackman these days!