Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Gnomes Came Back

And they evidently can read minds as I was just thinking yesterday that I haven't had any untowards events occur lately at home, but that I shouldn't say that out loud; just in case...Didn't matter anyway it seems...

I was at parent / teacher conferences until late last night and didn't get home until almost 9. Have I ever mentioned HOW MUCH I LOVE P/T CONFERENCES!!! REALLY? REALLY? Seriously, that is what it does to my brain.

So anyway, I pull up to a dark house (another reason why I need a man, so a porch light can be turned on for me) and miss something EXTREMELY OBVIOUS (but I'll tell you that later) and head into the house to start chores (yet ANOTHER reason I need a man, so chores can be done on these late nights and I don't have to do them in the dark).

I decided to take care of the chicks and ducklings first before the dogs are all over me for food, but wait! What's missing! The ducklings! They escaped the brooder and evidently spent an afternoon amusing themselves amongst a bunch of empty boxes and books - as given away by their poop. So guess what I'm doing today? They made is safely back into the brooder after I found them sleeping on some ankle weights.

Then I let the dogs in and fed them and turned out Mav and Wrig to do their business while I fed the horses. But WAIT! I only see TWO horses where there should be THREE! Where oh where is Charlie? This is what I missed that was extremely obvious earlier. My hay stack is next to where I park. Evidently Charlie is practicing the art of camouflage and was standing very, very still when I pulled up and parked. So once I got him returned to his home and everyone else fed, I looked for the damage. He only dug into a half bale, but how did he escape? I have a strong suspicion the dog next door was let loose yesterday...The back of the pen was all torn down and it looked like Charlie had been run through it.

I AM going to catch that dog out one day (I think they turn him loose when I'm not home) and shoot him. It's not fair!

THEN - as it was way late once I managed to fix the fence by the light of the moon - I needed a shower,... and lost my nose ring. So I was putting a new one in (I always have a spare 'cause they get lost every now and then...) and just couldn't do it! I COULDN'T get it to just GO IN! I spent a good hour trying to get that darn thing in! A lot of it is because I have such a small ring and I had my contacts out so I was like 2 inches from the mirror TRYING to see what I was doing...and it sucked. But I eventually got it in and went to bed. Thank God.

Oh -and on another note - my neighbors SPY on me. I'm SO not kidding. I catch them staring out the blinds at me ALL THE TIME! I think they are waiting for me to not be around so they can make a run for a vehicle, because a lot of the time I hear them drive away after I catch them spying on me. Whenever I see the blinds pulled aside I stare at the window and then wave like crazy. I guess the kindness IS killing them since saying 'hi' back to me whenever I do catch them outside is no longer an option.

In the meantime it's stressing me out. I wish the Gnomes would go harass them instead.

Oh yeah! And Rumba STILL hasn't foaled (obviously). She's now 19 days over the average. However, there is a full moon and I hope this is finally going to be it for her. Please oh please...


AJ said...

Yikes, lucky that all the escapees were still there and safe yesterday, especially with the creepo neighbors!

Andrea said...

Impressive, you know how to fix fence. I would have just stood there and cried. Well, I am sure I would have figured it out. You need an electrician who can put a timer on your front porch light for you!! Then you will always have a light on.

I am sorry your neighbor's dog is stupid. Mine is too. My neighbors and the dog!! Except mine are my inlaws.....but they spy on me too!!

Your nose ring is like my contacts, I struggle with those all the time.

Tell that Rumba mare to just let that baby go!! Who is she bred to? Pearl still hasn't had hers either. My father in law keeps telling me, "It's going to be tomorrow" and I tell him, "Nope about four more days!" I have pictures of her bag of milk right before she foaled the last time, and she still isn't full enough. Sigh......You better post pictures and let us know when she does have that baby!! I am excited to see it!!