Thursday, April 09, 2009

When it Rains, it Pours

Not really. At least not here in the SLV. In fact, SLVer's LOVE the rain since technically we're a high mountain desert and rain is a nice change. So rarely is there a day when one wants to hide out inside due to nasty weather...except in the spring. In the spring there comes the Foehn winds, the Chinooks, the really nasty oh-my-God-is-my-truck-going-to-blow-away winds. Seriously. This happens as the snow melts off the mountains and a combination of pressure changes and air from the ocean waaaayyyy over yonder causes gigantic wind storms here.

Dust Bowl circa 1932

Not really (again) that's just me driving home from work yesterday. Loverly eh? That's part of the reason why there's a giant pile of sand on the east side of the valley

On another note - my neighbors are creepy eh? I'd say so!!! Their strange behavior began when their dog cornered me and then tried to kill Wrigley a few days later. I have been polite to them, and always have been. Word from the vet is they STILL haven't paid the bill. What jerks. And WHY do I deserve to be treated like this? I have proof, in the form of doggie footprints chasing a horse OUTSIDE the pen (I did some investigative work). I didn't let my horse walk through knee deep spiky chico brush with a dog trailing behind him, so I wonder how those got there? is illegal in this open range state to allow your animal to chase livestock. I'm not kidding when I say I'm going to shoot the dog (which is legal). And it's not cruel and unusual. What is cruel and unusual is a dog chasing an expensive horse through an expensive fence and not doing anything about it. Especially when the owner of that expensive horse and expensive fence is broke, and didn't get home 'till after dark, and was fixing fence in the dark in high heels because if I was changing I was getting in the shower, and because SHE IS responsible for her animals. So there.

Right. So here's Rumba telling me to screw off and stop taking pictures and poking at her bag and, "Just let me eat already! Jeesh!" (see all the things floating through the air from the wind?)

Could her belly get any bigger?


Kara said...

Great pic of the horse. Hopefully your neighbors get their act together and start keeping their dog on their own land!!

Andrea said...

Holy Cow those winds are crazy!! It's kinda like watching the rain storms move in here. I would cry if I saw all that sand coming my way.

Yeah, your neighbors need to have the bill hand delivered by you and then give them mean and nasty looks instead of waving when you see them staring at you. Oh oh, I got a good one. Keep the shot gun by the window so when you do see them looking at you, you can hold up the gun and smile a crazy smile!!! I don't like stupid people and stupid animal owners make me sooooo mad.

Rumba, Rumba, Rumba, what are we going to do with you? She must be like Pearl. Just a 12 month mare. I am really going to put money on Pearl having her foal on the 16th. If she has it before then, I will be surprised. Pearl doesn't have a full bag yet, and she only gets really bagged up two or three days before she has her foal. So, at night, when I check on her, I look at her and I can pretty much tell if it's going to be in a few days. Is Rumba bagged up tight?

Carroll Farm said...

I have just quit dusting here, it is a never ending fight with the wind and dust. Good luck with the belly - hopefully baby comes out soon - and NOT during a dust storm.

AJ said...

By the amount of dust in my house, you'd think I lived somewhere like that, but no, I just HATE dusting:)

Andrea said...

No baby yet?? Pearl had hers!! Please don't tell me you are holding out on us and not telling us that Rumba had her foal!!

The Wades said...

We get the exact same brutal winds! Ahhh. It does wonders for the hair,huh?

That poor mare. She looks like she needs to pop.