Tuesday, April 25, 2006

HELP! Dress? What's That?

Ok - I've decided I'm going to Greece looking sophisticated. I figured I can pull off the Cosmo Cowgirl bit while overseas, but my wardrobe needs a makeover. Basically it consists of Wranglers, buttondowns and boots. I do have some real cute bar-hopping shirts, but since I don't have anything but jeans to wear with them I thought I'd add a dress or two to the collection. Not evening dresses, I have a million of those collecting dust. I need cute, casual, definitely something I wouldn't wear normally type dresses that will look great while prancing around the Mediterranean.

So I'm callin' all you ladies in (and especially guys) for advice. I have been browsing and found a few styles I really like from a couple different places. Problem is I can't decide what I like best for style and pattern and need advice. I wear a lot of earth tones, but really look best in bold, bright colors. Look 'em over will y'all and let me know what you think. Or if you know anything else cute from other stores (remember, I have to order online as I live hundreds of miles from a real mall).

Love some of the other options you gals have sent and have browsed though those websites. FYI, can't wear strapless...wish I could! For whatever reason I'm always falling out of them. Maybe it's the bras I've tried and haven't worked, but you'd think I have enough to hold it up!

So far #3, #5, #9 and #11 seem to be the most popular. I also like a few others from other sites you all passed along. I'm not ordering anything until later next week, so if anyone else wants to add comments, feel free!

From Cinnamongirl.com:

Dress#1 Dress#2 Dress#3
Dress#4 Dress#5 Dress#6

From Coldwatercreek.com:

Dress#7 Dress#8 Dress#9
Dress#10 Dress#11 Dress#12 Dress#13


JJ said...

Let's see for the short flirty ones I like #3 & #5 the best, and then I really like #10 & #13 - they are sort of retro looking, which is cool. The Gap has some nice dresses and Ann Taylor Loft always has cute stuff. Oh, and for colors definitely go bright - you are still blond, right? Blonds always to look the best in bright colors.

Danielle McLeod said...

Still blond! Works good for an excuse when I can't remember something!

Laura said...

Dress #11 for sure! The v-neck will show off your boobies (which we all know you have giant ones) and the wrap waist will make yours look even smaller!

Anonymous said...

D... you know I know nothing about fashion but I like #3, 6, 9 & 13. 3&6 I liked better in blue, the other 2 looked best in the display colors. Good luck with your search!!!


Kara said...

If you are looking for sophisticated, I like #7. If you are looking for fun, I like 9 and 12.

If you are looking for sexy/flirty, visit vensuswimwear.com, victoria secret, or fredricks of hollywood. I also sometimes find stuff at Gap and Ann Taylor.

Lesley said...

Danielle, I would suggest 1 or 4, both cute styles, you do not need to be wearing long skirts, to the knee is good. Most importantly, they are both hand wash. so if you bring a little woolite in a bottle, you can wash and wear if it gets dirty. Also you will need a little cardigan or something to cover your shoulders if you are going into churches.

Y Garcia-Smith said...

I think #11 has the best fit for a woman's body. I would suggest you go to anntaylorloft.com and venuswimwear.com for additional styles.

Anonymous said...

I like #5 and #11 the best. And I agree with Leslie...make sure you have a light sweater to cover your shoulders in case of a cool evening. Have a great trip.


heather said...

I also liked #11. :) I get most of my dresses from the Gap but I'm addicted to all of their stuff so I'm a bit biased.

Crystal said...

I thought #7 would look really good with some cowgirl boots and funky beaded jewelry. It also looks comfortable.

#9 was cute because it's in earth tones, which you like, and it kind of looks exotic. And #10 would show off your boobs. #11 was really cute but I think it's a little dressy, so it would be good depending on where you're wearing it.

Kim said...

#3, #5 and #11

Anonymous said...

It appears that you are going for the "Little House on the Prairie" look. I think a woman should be sexy even when casual. Best choice #11

jonesy said...

I'm not a big fan of long dresses but that is just me. I like dresses to the knee.

What about some of these options?






Erika said...

#11 is fun. Good Luck!

Diana Stark said...

D- #11 is by far the best. The rest are too floral for my taste. To be honest with you, try Ebay. You'll find new dresses (w/ tags) that are cool and relatively inexpensive! Good luck. BTW, who are you going to Greece with? I'm extremely jealous because I've always wanted to go there. Be sure to update us with a ton of stories and pics when you get back! Have a safe trip.