Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tattoos and piercings OH MY!

Ok - I have tats...four of them to be exact if you count having one added to, and have an appointment with an artist later this month for yet another addition. Piercings? Other than the traditional ear piercings? Yeah, that too...my bellybutton twice and my nose (and mom if you're reading this I just got it done and it's real cute, I promise). Why? Because having an artistic background, and being raise as an independent woman, I've always felt it was necessary to express myself, and this is one way I've done it...especially since I've designed my own tattoos. But I do believe there is a line of unprofessionalism that should never be crossed.

A lot of my students have talked their parents into bringing them in to be inked. Some have had some very tasteful designs done in unnoticable areas. Others have not. Don't get me wrong, some people, such as the artist I'm going to, is fairly covered in tattoos, but he's a tattoo artist. He is more or less a walking billboard for his work. He isn't going to walk into a corporate office looking for a job, and not get it because of his taste in expression. Unfortunately my students may one day. What I want to know is if they are even contemplating this possibility? I think back on how much my life has changed, and my way of thinking, and can't help but wonder if these kids put any thought into the future. Yes, what they want to do with their body is their business, but we still happen to live in a society where people would rather 'read the cover of the book' than open it. Most places of employment ask that noticeable piercings other than in your ears are removed, and that visible tattoos be covered by a bandage of some sort. Is this fair? I believe it is. Why? Because your job is trying to portray a certain image and if you can't meet that image why should they hire you? Afterall, their clients may be the ones judging you as the representative of their company. That's quite a bit of responsibility.

My tats aren't noticeable unless I make them so, and neither are my piercings, except for my ears and nose and that's one I never would have gotten done if it wasn't becoming a pretty standard accepted thing. For example, the principal of the school I work at has her nose done. So does the head nurse at our tiny clinic, as well as my tax consultant. My boss in the Forest Service also has hers done. They aren't big noticeable things, just tiny little diamonds and such. But if I'm ever asked to remove it, I will without a fight. Yes it's my choice and my right to have it done, but not worth a fight.

And guys...I think tattoos are sexy. Most people I know have them for various reasons that explain who they are and what they're all about. But unless you're a rock star or tattoo artist, do you really need to go overboard? If the first thing I notice is some big 'ol tattoo winding it's way up your arm, I may not look twice. Not because I don't think you're a decent person, but because I simply don't find it all that attractive. I mean, skin is sexy too. Really. Why cover it all up?

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Bethany said...

Yeah, I got some tatoos too... but I'm not gonna tell where. ;-) Nice to see you joined the blog world. [from another AGD, ZE]