Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Maverick Update

So my pup had surgery yesterday...good news first: He responded well to IV's so dehydration never became a problem despite not being able to hold anything down. Unfortunetly he still couldn't eat and was beginning to throw up water too. Yesterday morning he was crying and had a distended belly, meaning he was becoming septic...sign of a severe intestinal problem. So he was rushed into surgery and was found to have a twisted intestine which was blocking EVERTHING! Poor baby. Now he's recovering, and unless he has a bad response to the surgery, should be back home as soon as he can hold down food. There is a chance he may have complications, but I'm still just keeping my fingers crossed. The only good thing about this whole ordeal is that I got the dog from the vet, so I'm not worrying about some serious bills.


heather said...

Poor Maverick! My brother has a twisted intestine...guess I never realized a dog could have that too!

randi said...

Poor little guy. I hope everything works out splendid and he's home soon!!!