Monday, June 26, 2006

Fizzlin' Out

So I was released back to IA (Initial Attack) late Saturday night. It was a bit of a relief after working a 16 hour shift. We got stuck on top of the mountain when the fire jumped the line. Had to wait until the helicopters had dropped enough water to give us a route down. Then it pooured yesterday which was a bit of a Godsend sinc homes were being threatened. As it was we had already evacuated all the livestock and homes nearby. So from what I know in work this morning the fire is more or less out. I dropped off the film from a camera I dug up yesterday, so I should have pics up by next Monday at the latest.


kat G said...

hey ms d it is really important i get those pills back because that is my new prescription and i need it to gt a refill and i ran out this morning and if you haven't heard my seizures have started up again. email me at or call you have my number or mail them to me you have my in a previous comment

alanna rose said...

Danielle - send this child her meds!

Anyway - i was just going to tell you that between you and Amy I have about all the exitement in my life I can handle - I love hearing your firefighting stories :)

jonesy said...

Yes, you firefighters walk on the wild side of life. I'll stick to suburbia, thank you!