Friday, June 09, 2006


As we wrap up our trip, we have all decided we want to stay in Greece just for the ice cream. It is unbelievable here! It's so good! the ice cream trip...the ruins were cool too ;) And pictures are following!

Overlooking Patmos from St. John's Grotto
As mentioned before, this was a rather spiritual island. Not large, but very quiet and rather uplifting is one managed to get into the Grotto when very few people were there.

The Monestary of St. John
At the monestary the women (and men) are asked to keep there shoulders and knees covered out of respect. Unfortunetly we didn't have enough time on the island to get a chance to go through the monestary, but did get to view it from the outside.

Unbelievable! Just amazing to think of such a huge civilization simply not existing anymore. The ruins are incredibly preserved and the marble statues and carvings are beautiful!

Approaching Santorini
I wrote about this yesterday as well, but this is the volcanic chain of islands that used to be one island and a site historians believe could have held the lost city of Atlantis. The towns are all built on top of the island as it is a fairly steep slope to the top. Cable cars and mules make the run up and down regualrly, or you can choose to walk...which is quite the climb. The girls and I choose to ride mules to the top and back, though a few opted to walk down!

Riding the mules to town!
A view of the back of the mule as we approached town. There is a rather good walkway up upon which we rode, but it seems crazy steep when looking over the edge!

Temple of Posiedon
Very cool, but we were all very tired while here. Thankfully there isn't too much to see other than the landscape and we did get a double decker bus for the trip and sitting upstairs while riding along the coast was cool. And yes, we did get a closer look at it and I have many more pictures I will post in an album or slide show soon!

We're off early, so this is my last blog from Greece! Wish us a safe and happy trip back to the states!

Ciao - d

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