Friday, June 09, 2006

TSM Lives in Greece Too!

Yes! The Shopping Monster lives in Greece also...and Turkey! He's very well traveled and I'm broke until the end of the month. Yeah for me! Maybe there is a big Shopping Monster family spread across the world and they all keep track of where we are traveling so as to attack when we least expect it?

But I did bring back some wonderful jewlery, museum reproductions, art...etc...It seems I HAD to have certain things for both myself and others. Oh well. I thought I would let you all know in case anyone was thinking they may escape him by jumping continents. I do recommend letting the shopping monster take over in Greece though if you have the chance...and Turkey.

Interesting experience I had over there with another woman who came along as her school's sponsor that I need to share. After leaving Ephesus we went into Kusadasi to hit the bazaars. When we stepped out of the taxi a man approached us to shop diamonds. He brought us, and her husband, into the back rooms where the EXPENSIVE stuff was (maybe we looked rich?) and literally drapped us in diamonds. Luckily the Shopping Monster must have been on a Turkish Coffee Break and I managed to not buy anything. But it was quite the experience to be wearing about $100, 000.00 worth of diamonds on my body for even a short period of time...Now I thik I need to marry someone rich and go back to Turkey and shop...


AJ said...

Good idea on blogging the details of your trip, that way when you get home you don't have to try to remember what you did each day if you want to put it in a photo album or scrapbook.

Your pics are awesome, too, and belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

alanna rose said...

I knew TSM was everywhere - totally unescapabe. Extremely envious of the "diamond experience" wish someone would drape me in jewels. Glad that you are back home, safe and sound :)

Happy Brithday, too!

Kat G said...

hey ms. d i need my medication back so if you could mail it or something my address is P.O. Box 74 Villa Grove, CO 81155