Monday, May 01, 2006

April Showers?

Right Now: Headache, still?!
Red Wings: Don't ask
Maverick: Home and making up for lost time. I caught him eating the bathroom door this morning and he seems to feel the need to chew on anything and everything that grabs his attention...such as my ankles as I walk by.

Yet another crazy weekend out here. Seems I'm starting to pile them up. Friday started out overcast and gray, making me hope we'd be getting some of that desperately needed moisture. Well, you know the saying, 'be careful what you wish for?' I was at a friends house and when I came out there was at least 4 inches of snow on the ground, more coming, and I'm in flip-flops. More snow than we've had all winter...and it's spring...Then I pulled into the drive I found these poor confused elk wondering at what was going on with the weather in my field. Was supposed to go see a friend's band play in Monte Vista, but everyone backed out on me due to the wet roads (despite that it was over 40 degrees out) and I got stuck sitting home in the dark 'cause my power went out. Could have been romantic...COULD HAVE!
Anyway, Saturday was beautiful, went up to Buena Vista with Wayne, dropped off some work he needed done on a truck, went to the rock shop and spent money on jewlrey I HAD TO HAVE, stopped for lunch in Salida and discovered downtown is this cute, artsy little place! Never knew it! So I went shopping and found a dress just like #11 (which seems the most popular) but in better, brighter colors for a LOT less. Sorry no pics, was in a boutique. So I'm still lookin' for at least one more.
Went in search of my lost social life again Saturday night in Alamosa. I actually had dinner made for me...with wine...which may have been the start of my problems for the night...definitely was fun though!

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jonesy said...

mmmm...dinner with wine... lucky gal!