Monday, May 22, 2006

Too Much to Take in...

Though in retrospect this weekend was largely uneventful, it was a bit overwhelming. Since I danced at the college this weekend I crashed at Chris' Friday night since I'm broke and couldn't afford to keep driving back and forth. All the shows went very well, and I loved seeing some of the younger students in the school involved with other extra-curricular activities in the valley. I also was paid some very nice compliments from the owner/director of the dance studio who used to be a New York dancer. Yeah for me!

I spent ALL day yesterday in mud up to my knees putting in irrigation fence in the ditches to flood my fields. There was a lot of rock moving to weigh down the edges and a lot of splashing around with the dogs who were living it up in the water. Once the fences were in correctly the ditches backed up with very cold, very clear mountain water that felt great too cool off in! It was a super hot day out and surprisingly very humid for what we term desert conditions, so it was the perfect job for the weather. Maverick isn't so sure about the swimming bit yet, but he'll warm up to the idea I'm sure! He was so funny trying to take flying leaps across the ditch after the other dogs and landing smack in the middle of them. So my fields are flooding, The Boss is happy and I got to work on my tan while 'working' all day yesterday!

On a bit of an overwhelming note, my uncle Jim is back in hospital. A little over a year ago he had some major heart surgery and some complications with it to top it all off. Though he seems to have been getting somewhat steadily better, yesterday he had what the doctors think was a stroke. My dad left me a message and I talked to my mom last night but they didn't know anything for certain yet. That's what seems so hard about living out here...being so far from those I love. So please put a prayer out that everything turns out alright. It's a bit much for me from 1500 miles away.

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randi said...

I'll send positive thoughts toward your family. I know what it's like to be that far away when something bad happens to someone you love. I hope it all turns out alright. :)