Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Not So Smart Marketing Ideas

I Just ran across this article today concerning solutions to dog anxiety. Actually, Maverick's been doing just fine at home, but has gone on a chewing kick so he's no longer allowed to stay in the bathroom anymore and has to be kenneled while I'm at work. He's free all night though and has done great so far and wakes me up to go outside. My little boy's so smart! Anyway, so I ran into this article and couldn't help but think what crazy ideas people come up with! It starts out alright and the picture seems appropriate, until you find out it's the cover art...

Many dog owners are bedeviled by their pooches' symptoms of separation anxiety:Ripped couches, mangled shoes, or even more disgusting acts apparently aimed at retribution for leaving Fido home alone all day.

Now one Atlanta based company has the solution for your spiteful Spot — designed to be "a play date for your dog." The video, fetchingly titled
The Dog Tales, is "designed to entertain today's pampered pooches while their owners are away." The Dog Tales DVD features a myriad of mutts yapping and yelping. Thank goodness you're not home to hear it. Buyers even have the ability to record their own voice to help soothe the distressed dog.

Ok, crazy idea, but I've seen worse. I mean, they have doggy day care, so why not a video for your mutt at home to keep him company?...despite the possibility of driving your neighbors' crazy...plus how long does this video run? Doesn't seem feasible for those who work all day. But the next line is where it lost me. Like I'm going to sit down and watch TV with my dog,
for my dog:

The $21.95 DVDs are subtitled "in human" for "those of us who don't speak bark."

No word if the disc also comes with behind-the-doghouse commentary.

I say, invest the money in a few chew toys, or better yet, save up and get a decent run outside so the dog has a lot of things to pay attention to while you're gone. Brings a whole new option to curling up to watch a movie on a Saturday night though doesn't it? I can see it now..."honey, why don't you come over and watch this great new video Maverick and Dixie picked out?" LOL

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jonesy said...

Well it's better than puppy prozac I suppose!