Monday, May 15, 2006

So Far, So Good!

The cuts on the highway on the way into Saguache. Isn't all that much out here!

Mondays usually are a bit of a disaster for me, but so far this one seems to be running fairly smoothly. I'm attributing this to the fact that I have bribed my students with the promise of watching movies for the rest of the week if the entire class has caught up with their work, or at least is on their way...Despite the fact that our computer administrator cannot seem to ever keep anything working for a full day at a time, and there are bunches of things that need to be printed out and the printers are not working...I'm keeping a pretty positive attitude!

Interesting weekend as usual. Though I would have killed to be in NY with all you ladies for the bachalorette parties, I imagined it to be quite an interesting time! One the home front: I managed to wash my truck, and it rained. Fortunately I see this as a good omen and I'm going to wash my truck more often since we need the moisture out here! I had my next to last calf...1 more to go! Finally! And I put my mare, Rumba, in with the stud so I should be expecting by next Spring!

Question of the Day: What's worse than a fat, drunk guy following me around asking me to dance every 2 seconds?
Answer: A fat, drunk lesbian following me around asking me to dance every 2 seconds. Ahhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhh!

Only in the San Luis Valley do all the teachers get together to go to the bar and watch their superintendent and 2nd grade teacher play in a band and then get hit on by a lesbian. To top it off they had the gig in what I'm carefully terming, 'a bar that is usually frequented by a significant amount of immigrants from another country....' So our theme song was, 'Play That Funky Music White Boy', and I actually got out of there without getting my butt kicked two nights in a row...speaking of which...yours truly DID actually get into a bit of a rumble Saturday night at the country bar when some big 'ol dude smacked my rear end...more than once...he was warned and then just about got his butt kicked after he did it again. I was a bit too small to do much damage though. Full moon so maybe that's why some really strange things were happening...Needless to say I'd be more comfortable if things like that didn't happen.


jo and joel said...

Hey Cow Girl,

Thanks for your comments on the blog. Great to be in touch. Didn't know you were a cattle rancher???? Joel and I have a very good friend that worked on a ranch down there and actually lives in San Luis. Do you happen to know Jason Wylie?


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jonesy said...

kick his ass! and hers. LOL. you go!